why you should play sport ? 6 Reasons will change your life


1- Increases confidence & risk taking abilities:


Sports grinds you thoroughly and makes you get better at things by challenging you every time to improve yourself. You end up becoming sure about yourself, not only in sports but in other activities. It also increases risk taking abilities, and you start believing in pushing limits in everything you do in life.

2- Increases mental and physical agility:


Sports improves your reflexes, your body movements, your posture and your overall physical abilities. It makes you stronger, healthier and more energetic. And remember, sports is as much a physical activity as it is a mental activity. It tends to make you mentally strong and remain optimistic, and gives you an edge in life.

3- Improve Leadership skills:


Not every one born with leadership skills. Every player builds leadership qualities and it makes you shine in your area of strength. Sports teaches you to aim high, build a strategy, plan and execute it by taking your team along to achieve it. Nothing can parallel sports when it comes to teaching leadership. If you want your anyone to become leaders, make sure they get into sports early on.

4- Implant Competitive spirit:


Sports is all about competition. You have to perform else you are beat. Every time you step into the field, it’s a fresh start. This makes you face failures and success in equal stride and look at life in a different perspective. You have to continuously prove yourself every time in the field. It teaches you to work on your weaknesses and improve your strengths constantly.

5- Team spirit:


One of the greatest gifts of human mind is that we can work together and sports is the ultimate arena to strop your team skills. You stick together, you cover for your team members, you fight for them, you cherish the diversity and together you know you are better than any one player. These are traits and qualities that are essential to succeed in every walk of life.

6- Having Fun:


Sport will always remind you that life can be hard, sometimes stressful and having rough moment but will also remind you that if you not have fun you not really living, Sport will change how you look to anything and how to enjoy every little thing of it work,activities or social life

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21 thoughts on “why you should play sport ? 6 Reasons will change your life

  1. I totally agree with you. Since I started playing badminton, I have become a lot more positive, feel better about myself and most importantly, I feel like it reminds me to drink LOTS of water through out the day.

    I made new friends, which provided a new level of competitiveness and variety while playing. Additionally, I find that I sleep much better at night and feel more rested the next day.

    I wonder what the science is behind this?

    1. As per some studies sports and exercises releases Dopamine, a chemical that plays a role in happiness, is a neurotransmitter in the brain that’s necessary for feelings of pleasure and happiness

      Sports and exercise will not only make you like how you look, it will also make you feel stronger, independent, and more confident. There’s nothing like a boost in confidence

  2. I have been attached to the article since i read the first word yes being an athlete increases your sled confidence ana pushing the negative energy away it makes u more focused in your score.. thanks dear Aly for the golden tips .. waiting for new golden once .. good luck

  3. Great post I have always been active in sports since I can remember. I truly agree that sports builds leaderships skills . I was never one to want to take penalties or be the captain of my soccer team i wanted to play the game and score goals without the added responsibilities .But as I entered my senior year and most of the other players I started with on the junior either left school or just did not want to play any more .I was the only one left on the senior team from that crop.So I took the captain armband and it was the most important decision in my life helping grow as a man thanks to sports.

  4. Hey,
    Great post!
    I used to run marathons, for fun as well as mental and physical agility. Not realize it’s also about team spirit until reading this post. We encourage each other along the course and greet everyone at the finish line.

    Thanks for sharing.


  5. Great article, competing in a sport not only teaches you about competitiveness, it also teaches you about fitness, physical ability, team spirit, the ability to push yourself and your general well-being and also having fun while you’re at it.
    Many thanks, Rob

  6. This is such an inspiring article especially for the youth of today. Spend time more on sports than other nonsense stuff in this world. I am very happy that my oldest is an active sports player. She just wants to try all sports she can get into and see how far she goes! Spirit that I want her to keep into the adult age! Thanks for this article!

  7. I really enjoyed reading your article.

    I am not super sporty but the sports I do partake in are all individual sports. Ie – snowboarding, skateboarding, yoga and so on.

    I do feel as though I missed out on some qualities and characteristics that you build and that you have mentioned while playing team sports.

    I have always wanted to play soccer!

    Cheers and thanks for the great read!

    1. Thanks Kahlua , Think you should try a playing soccer . I hope you will be able to back to do sports soon and enjoy every moment of it

  8. Great article ! I agree with all the above. In my childhood, I was never encouraged to play sports being a girl! I realised the importance of playing a sport in my adult life . Therefore , I have put my kids into sports at a very young age. Sports is not only fun but also keeps you mentally and physically fit.

  9. Great post! I totally agree with you, playing and being involved in sports is such an amazing confidence booster! It never hurts either to bring out that little bit of competitive side!
    Sports is such an important thing now a days especially with all the technology in the world, hopefully the more people get involved in sports the healthier our generation will be!

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge Aly!

    1. Thanks Anna , You are totally right as technology is great but sometimes we forgot sometimes we should get out and do some sports for our mental and physical health

  10. Very good article! Sports are very good for you. I used to sky and ice skating. I hope I can go back to sports soon… as for now I am out of service 🙂 I broke my legs 2 places …. But sports are definitely good to release stress and help live healthier. Thanks for sharing! Great Job!

  11. I’ve played sports my whole life and let me say this!! Its built so many relationships and taught me so much of how to be tough and succeed within a team all aiming for the same thing which can be easily applied to everything in life! Great content

  12. I have always found playing sports to be a great way of releasing tension while taking the mind off the week to week grind with work etc. Whether it’s a team or individual sport, it helps to give a purpose to training sessions or motivates you to work harder to a certain goal, great points.

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