Why kids should play sport ?

1- Make new friends

Nobody likes to see their children locked away in their room when they could be out socializing with friends, getting children out into new environments is a great way to helping them make friends. Engaging your child in sport can lead to healthy social-life, meeting new people that could grow into life-long friends.

2- Have Fun

While making new friends that will lead to have fun, when you enjoy the sport you are doing beside you enjoy your spend time with your teammate that will be a time to remember, sometimes kids might ask to stay longer in practices session because the feel comfortable in that environment and enjoy having time with their friends and that for sure will make them enthusiastic and having fun

3-Build confidence

Sport is a great way to improve a child’s confidence,encouragement and compliments is very important for kids morale, As a coach or parent take that responsibility and use it to grow your youth players.besides coach and parent’s encouragement, their is no greater feeling as a child than playing an important role in some sporting success. The respect and trust earned from your teammates is huge. Plus, it can also give your child a major boost to their self-respect.

4- unique opportunities

Start get involved in sports in already age can lead for something more in the future , watching how the elite athletes reach in their life is great for aspiration reasons, and will secure they stick around in sport for the long-term.

Help your child look at sport from a positive side, where they can reach if they practice hard and do their effort that could lead one day to be a world class player.

5-Learn life-lessons

Sports not only teach you how to play sports, It gives you lessons for life knowing that nothing comes for free and success is better when you’ve worked hard to achieve it is something they can carry forward into education and employment.
Kids can learn a number of life lessons from their sporting activities. And they can use it not only on sport but in every side in life.


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16 thoughts on “Why kids should play sport ?

  1. What a great article in today’s world where kids have confined themselves in a room and are busy with their gadgets. Your article beautifully explains the need of playing games with friends for the development of their mind and body. I think you can also add health benefits if you want. This message should reach every parent whose child doesnt go out.

    1. Thanks Sourabh , you are right now days most of kids is more interested in video games or tech more than real sports and every parent should encourage their kids to play sports .

  2. Hi Thank you for building awareness on fitness and children.

    It is so important for children to socialise it will set them up for later years and sports is a good way to help with team building.

  3. I totally agree that kids should play sports. My son did gymnastics competitively for 14 years, and it taught him a lot about self discipline. He also gained lifelong friends that he will always be close to. Being a single mom, it was also good to have his coaches be a role model for him. Sports keeps kids out of trouble, in shape, and happy.

  4. I always supported my oldest daughter into sports and she loves it! For me it is a great training to build self-esteem and character too! She is into volleyball, track and field, and basketball. She wants to try cross-country next year and I will just keep on supporting her and so as her siblings when they are ready! Great article as usual! Will go back for sure!

  5. Nice post!

    My son is 2 and half and I plan on having him try out many sports and see what he may like to get into. Like any father, I want my son to be the best sports player for the next generation! I hope for little man to make his old man proud!

  6. Hey, I really liked this post about why children should play sports. These days, kids don’t get out as much as they used to. Hopefully this post convinces parents why kids should play sports.

  7. Hello,
    Thank you for sharing this article. My son is 3.5 and has A LOT of energy. He also needs to make new friends and learn how to be a good team player. I really need to introduce him to sports. Just don’t know where to start. At what age would you say kids should be playing sports?

    Thanks gain. It was a great reminder.


    1. Hi Sierra , I think you can start join him in sport schools as soon he turns 4 , It’s always good idea to make him try few sports before decide which one he will love more and stay with. That’s great he as a lot of energy and for sure sport will make him make new friends

  8. Sports are great for kids to get into and there are so many options. There’s the normal basketball, baseball, football, or soccer. But then there are others like skiing/snowboarding, martial arts, dance, gymnastics, and much more! There is a sport available for every interest.

    1. For sure that’s why i believe it’s good idea in young age to make your kids join more than one sport until they find the passion for that sport they like more.

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