Top Ten expensive transfers in premier league History

The top ten transfers divided between five Clubs, Manchester United four transfers ,Manchester City two transfers, Liverpool two transfers,Chelsea one transfer and Arsenal one transfer

1. Paul Pogba – £93.25m, Juventus to Manchester United 2016/2017

2. Romelu Lukaku – £75m, Everton to Manchester United 2017/2018

3. Virgil van Dijk – £75m, Southampton to Liverpool 2017/2018

4. Alvaro Morata – £70m, Real Madrid to Chelsea 2017/2018

5. Alisson Becker – £67m, Roma to Liverpool 2018/2019

6. Fred – £61.2m, Shakhtar Donetsk to Manchester United 2018/2019

7. Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang – £60m, Borussia Dortmund to Arsenal 2017/2018

8. Riyad Mahrez – £60m, Leicester to Manchester City 2018/2019

9. Angel Di Maria – £59.7m, Real Madrid to Manchester United 2014/2015

10. Aymeric Laporte – £57m, Athletic Bilbao to Manchester City 2017/2018


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