Ten Keys How to be effective coach ?

What are the things coaches do every day that makes them Special and effective ?

1- Develop as a coach at a faster rate than your athletes

Great coaches realize that success is a moving target and to stay relevant they must be committed to life-long learning, honest personal and professional evaluation and continuous improvement.


2- Make training more challenging

Effective coaches know that competition is not the time to find out where your athletes physical and mental limits are.

Training needs to be more challenging and more demanding – mentally,physically, technically, tactically,and emotionally.


3- Consolidate your creative thinking skills

Creativity is the defining difference between good coaches and great coaches. any coach can follow programs, great ones invent winning programs ,and in doing to create new directions and new ideas which in turn change the sport. Following others and trying to duplicate their success is a recipe for failure.


4- Speed up your rate of learning faster than your opposition

Everyone knows what you know. Anyone can get anything, anytime, anywhere and for free. The Internet has insured that there are no secrets in sport.

Anyone can learn something everyday. Only Creative coaches understand this and strive to accelerate their rate of learning faster than their opposing coaches.

5- Inspire your athletes

Effective coaches engage with athletes and inspire them: they inspire them to consistently prepare with passion and to realize their full potential.

Every significant moment in every sport is “person on person” and with performance analysis now at the level of millimeters and fractions of seconds, every athlete’s strengths and weaknesses are well known by their opposition.

6- Ensure that every athlete that you work with is always ready

The days of winning by having the “fittest” athletes are over. Sport is so multi-dimensional that winning comes from being the best in every aspect, training, preparation, skills, attitude, recovery, gym-training, sleep, travel management and nutrition .

Great once know this and strive to create winning environments where a culture of excellence underpins everything and everybody.


7- Adjust your training plans to for each individual athlete 

The best coaches plan, they plan meticulously and with great attention to detail but, ultimately they also understand that the core goal of every training session is to ensure it provides the optimal environment and opportunity for their athletes to prepare.


8- Adopt an unified approach to Skills development and performance improvement

Athletes are only athletes for an hour or two at most each day. For the rest of the day each day they are human beings. Many coaches concentrate on preparing the athlete to perform: the great ones prepare the human being to be all they can be, then as a result, the athlete will perform.


9- practice practice practice 

Every athlete practices and lots of coaches believe in the “practice makes perfect” approach. But great coaches take this a step further: performance practice makes for perfect performance. Want to master a skill?

Adopt the “practice makes perfect” approach. Want to master a skill so that it can be executed the right way at the right time in a competition? Then follow the “performance practice” philosophy.

10- Be a Leader

The great coaches are leaders, dare to be different ,do things that others are not prepared to do, they thrive in creative conflict situations and fight hard for what and who they believe in.

They take risks and comfortable talking about winning, it is after all what they were born to do.

They are individuals, they are unique, they are the best because they are prepared to lead and with it accept the responsibilities that come with leadership.

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18 thoughts on “Ten Keys How to be effective coach ?

  1. Hey Aly,
    Being a coach itself is a very demanding job, and certainly needs 100%commitment to it.

    You discussed some of the major points of effective coaching and personally, I like the way you discussed good coach and a great coach.

    I think you are absolutely right when you say Sport is so multi-dimensional that winning comes from being the best in every aspect: training, preparation, skills, attitude, recovery, gym-training, sleep, travel management, nutrition.

    I think each and every field has now become multi-dimensional and the above attributes are needed in every arena.


    1. Hi Shubhangi,
      You are right coaching is demanding job, and to become effective coach is more harder to support , motivate and inspire your athletic.

  2. Hello,

    Being a coach of a sports team is a touch and often thankless job, especially for the volunteer coach. It takes a great passion and encouraging person to play this role.

    I love tip #5, encouragement! That’s a big one to adapt into a coaching style.

    1. Hi Brianne,

      Thanks for your comment , and i believe encouragement is very important for every athletic ,to be able to to motivate and inspire your athletic, coach should encourage their athletic to get the best out of them athletic

  3. I always thought that being a coach requires so many skills and I was right. You nail this article with how organized you laid your points on how to be an effective coach! My daughter loves sports and will share this article with her so she can recognize an effective coach from the not. Or she can use these skills to portrait leadership in their team too!

  4. Being a coach is an important job and should be thought of as such.  I mean, now that I’m grown up, I still remember my little league and high school coaches probably more than the teachers.  You can really have a profound effect on someone.  I think these steps are a good way of looking at the process, and every coach could probably benefit from taking a look at these strategies.  Some of them are a little easier said than done though, so I’m looking forward to seeing you go further into how to pull this off in other articles.  Thanks for your hard work.

  5. Great tips on how to be an effective coach.  My son has coached hockey, been an trainer and coached baseball and I believe number 5 is so important.  I’ve seen first hand what kids can do when inspired by a great coach, challenging training is also a great way to keep team members interested and inspired to work hard.  Great article.

  6. Hi and thanks for this very important insight into the life of a sports coach. I think the best coaches are consistently successful because they are constantly striving to better themselves and improve their own game as well as their players. It’s why only a handful of coaches in each profession can say they are world class. It’s extremely difficult to strive to be better all the time. Do you feel that as it’s so mentally tough that even the best coaches need to take a break for a year or 2 from time to time? Thanks Kenny 

    1. I think you got very important point so coaches for sure need a break from time to time for 2 things , 

      1st to get away from stress for a while as you know coaching is one of the most stressful jobs almost in any sports 

      2nd to get themselves up to date with new tactics , strategy and drills to be able to stay on top level every coach need to improve him/her self all the time 

  7. these are some excellent points you make about being an effective coach. I remember growing up playing basketball and baseball, the coaches I like the most always challenged us, help individuals with certain task, and also made it fun.

    I think an average coach is easy to find, but a great coach that had all the qualities you mentioned here is harder to find.

    What are some coaches that you really like in sports right now?

    1. Thanks for your comment Michael , I believe my favorite type of coaches is the motivate one . That always push you to challenge your skills to bring the best out of each player 

  8. This is a great article.  I  played soccer for 14 years and know a few things about coaches.  Many good, some bad.

    My daughter is a soccer player and has one of those coaches that has those great qualities you talk about.  It’s so easy for anyone who doesn’t even know the sport to tell a good coach.  The players become somewhat of a reflection of them.

    SMy daughter loves practice and the coach has made this team into a tight knit group who love to play and be challenged..

  9. When I was a child I saw in a program that the most import characteristic of a leader was not the authority, knowledge or any other characteristic that you consider indispensable. The most important is creativity, it shocked me. Why? Because creativity is what separates normal people from innovators. Creative people are better to solve problems and a better company than a person that is not original and does not have innovating ideas.

    The other characteristic that I consider indispensable is empathy, the reason? It is quite simple. Because with empathy we can feel what other think, we can connect emotionally with the needs of other and become better people, and better listeners.

    Conclusion: in my opinion creativity and empathy are the most important characteristic, besides the ones that are in the post

    Thank you for the information!

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