Beginner Football/Soccer Ball Control Drills

Control Drills

The following football drills are aimed at improving ball control. There is likely to be some cross over between the football   passing or dribbling drills.

Passing Through Hoops

Player receives the ball, controls and dribbles through two hoops before moving the ball into a small coned area.

Watch the drill here 


Knock The Ball Off

A mini game where three players link up to try and knock the ball off a central cone whist a lone defender attempts to block.

Watch the drill here 

Control & Back


Players receive a more difficult pass in the air from their partner which they simply control and pass back.

watch the drill here 

Lay Off

Players lay the ball off and receive it back three times along a line of cones aiming to keep control and give accurate passes.

Watch the drill here 

Piggies In The Middle

Classic game of piggie in the middle where players around a circle pass the ball whilst two in the middle try to intercept.

Watch the drill here 

Round the Clock

The player in the middle of the circle passes to and receives back either of the players on the outside in turn.

Watch the drill here 

  For more drills i would recommend the following books

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• Developing Skill Through Drills and Exercises
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16 thoughts on “Beginner Football/Soccer Ball Control Drills

  1. Hi Ahmed

    Thanks for the great advice and tips, my grandson has just joined a kids football team, and although he loves the game he is still new to it all, so I will be going through and trying out your coaching with him.

    Keep the tip posts coming they are great for all ages to know.


  2. Great article and recommendations.
    It is amazing and very interesting, because, I included, nobody regularly thinks about the fact that behind great players, great game and the whole soccer thing, there is a lot of these drills involved.
    Fantastic article I really enjoyed it. I think people who teaches sports, especially to children, will be delighted with your recommendations, great calls!

  3. These look to be awesome drills. I have seen professional teams like Arsenal use them in their training, but I didn’t quite understand them indepth. Thanks to your post, it all makes more sense now. Well done.

  4. love the illustrations, very easy to follow. I remembered when I was younger my older brother was and still is in love with the soccer (football). He played it, practice it( he has hos own team and they compete against other teams. He would usually practice it with me lol he gets to kick the ball and he made me to be the goal (damn it!) his favorite play station game was winning 11 ( ps1 of course) Now he is a father of 2 sons and he teches them how to play soccer everyday. I don’t think he has any techniques so I am going to forward him this post and might buy something on here for his Christmas gift. 


  5. very informative article, many strategies and tips. I will give it a try, my newphews are going to love this. I also want to read all those book. I really don’t know which one to read first

    Can you tell me the book that I should read first?

    Are there any other books about soccer? I want sometime advanced

    Thank you beforehand!

  6. This is a great breakdown of drills for beginners and even for developing players to follow so they can continue to improve. The diagrams are easy to follow, and the links to the videos are most helpful in that they bring it all together in live action. It’s great that you have recommended books that can help players and coaches alike grow into the best they can be. Practice makes perfect, and anyone who enjoys football/soccer would benefit from using your advice. Keep up the good work!

  7. This a great article with good how to videos that we can use to help our children improve their games. We are in the US so we call it soccer. I think it great that you included soccer and football in the title for multiply countries to use your training skills. Thank you for the post and the book recommendations.

    1. Thanks so much , Yes we called it soccer in Canada as well . You just got the idea that’s while i put on the title soccer/football 

  8. Hello,

    I have football in my blood. I started playing very early in the neighborhood plaza.

     I like very much to see the different videos with different exercises increasing in number of players. 

    Surely with books I will discover new techniques that we can apply today in the player from his first steps.

    Thanks for sharing. 

    Greetings. Claudio

    1. Sure thing , videos and book always help to the knowledge about exercises, practice and improving skills .
      you also can check more skills on my other articles .

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