Choose the right soccer shoes

The right soccer shoes can help you be a better player by gripping the ground and helping you control the ball. Soccer shoes are lightweight and made for ease in running over different types of surfaces. A proper fit is key to helping you handle the ball and protect your feet while you play.


The main purpose of soccer shoes is to provide traction as you run. This is usually accomplished by using cleats, except with indoor soccer shoes that use textured rubber soles. Soccer cleats are usually evenly spaced across the bottom of the shoe and spaced farther apart than some other types of cleats. The spacing keeps dirt and grass from becoming trapped between the cleats and allows your feet to grip the ground without slowing you down; soccer requires light feet and quick turns.


Soccer shoes are low-profile shoes, meaning the uppers are cut low around the ankle. Soccer players need to be agile and change directions quickly. The low profile allows a full range of motion in the ankle.

Ball Control

Soccer players must be able to feel the ball with their feet so they can handle the ball without looking at it. Soccer shoes are usually made of soft leather or synthetic leather that’s stitched with small seams to protect the feet from contact with other cleats while allowing the players to feel the ball with all sides of their feet.


It’s imperative that your shoes fit properly and are comfortable while you play. Shoes that are too large can lead to painful blisters, and shoes that are too small can squeeze your toes. Put on thick soccer socks before you try on shoes to make sure you get the best fit. The leather upper should be tight enough to provide support for your foot and keep your foot from moving inside the shoe, but it shouldn’t be so tight that it’s constricting or tight on your toes.

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12 thoughts on “Choose the right soccer shoes

  1. Hi Ahmed,
    This is a very good article on soccer shoes. It is concise and thorough. I don’t play soccer, but I recently went with one of my grandchildren to buy soccer shoes, and although I didn’t have your website in front of me, the criteria for choosing the right shoes would have been spot on. Two things you mentioned – ball control and traction – are two considerations we hadn’t thought about. I’ll know next time.

    1. Hi Bob ,i’m glad your liked the article , if you need any help on the future about anything related to soccer please let me know.

  2. Hey,
    Thanks for this article. Last year my daughter had this issue. She does track and she needed several different pairs of shoes for her different events. She is a high jumper, hurdler, and sprinter. This was 3 different pairs of shoes all specializing in their specific event. So thanks again for this information!

  3. Hi! My daughter is into a lot of sport activities in school and we always made sure she has a most compatible and comfortable shoes she can have since it matters a lot! Thanks for this great article!

  4. Interesting post.. with so many different football boots on the market these days its so important to find a make that feels comfortable. Playing 90minutes in something that isn’t fitting properly is not fun and won’t allow you to show off all your fancy footballing skills!

    1. Totally agree , also it’s important to wear the right football shoes while training to help you to improve your skills as well

  5. Thank you for this, now I know what to look for when purchasing new shoes. I thought it was all about design and comfort, however, now I know there’s more to it than that. I need traction and ball control for my games so I’ll be looking at what my shoes can really do on the field. Thanks for the eye-opening post!

  6. Hello Ahmed, great review. I have played soccer in summer camp back in 2003, but I do plan to revisit the sport soon. I will keep this info in mind because I plan to play soccer again. Thanks again, and continue to do what you do!!!

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