5 Steps to Be a Great Athlete

1- No Short Cuts

Here is the 5 Steps to Be a Great Athlete

The athletes with the best physiques have been working on their bodies for a long time. They’ve been dedicated to their finesse for years. Don’t to give up on a dream because you couldn’t make it happen in a matter of days. As well if you’re dissatisfied with your results, you need to get improved, Not throwing the towel.

Enjoy the fight. At some point, “winning” becomes more about the journey than the destination and you need to enjoy small accomplishments. Find something that trigger you, that keeps you going and remains your passionate and motivate you.


2- Know where you are, And Set a Goal

The best athletes move from goal to goal, constantly keep training for something.

If you find yourself with no clear direction of where you’re going, do not give up. Set a new goalgive yourself a realistic deadline (4-6 months), and commit to it. Step inside a competition is a great way to motivate yourself and remain responsible too, remember that your first and premier competition is you.


3- Train Smart and increase your performance

Most people think that to perform at the highest level possible, you need to train yourself to the point of exhaustion, every single workout, the best athletes don’t work out this way.

The fittest athletes on the world vary their training with a combination of densityactivities, and modes of training. When you watch athletes doinghigh performance the didn’t do that in one day the practice hard for long years to be able to do that.

The biggest difference is probably that almost all of them have coaches that are focused on a smart approach. Progressive overload is applied over time to bring the athletes abilities to a peak when they need them to be.


4- Avoid Frustration

When you’re the best athlete in your gym and you no longer have anyone to compete with; you’ve caught the biggest fish in your little pond, and it’s time to expand your horizons. This concept can be applied to pretty much any situation where you’re no longer challenged by your environment.

Lack of competition put out your growth,. Athlete need to put themselves out there comfort zone and seek new challengers. They don’t afraid from a reality check; perhaps they could stand to work on their conditioning. The potential for failure encourages them to find new approaches to their individual needs, so that they might reach a new level of performance.


5- Be The Best Version of Yourself

Many of the best athletes serve the communities. They have very demanding lives, but they make no excuses when it comes to training, eating, and recovering.

Being the best version of yourself is largely mental; it’s about starting on the path that is the opposite of the one you were on and just never looking back. When you spend enough time living your life, demarcate for constant improvement, sustaining your body, and being in control of yourself, you realize how much it disappointing to live any other way.
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19 thoughts on “5 Steps to Be a Great Athlete

  1. Hi Ahmed
    I have a passion for athletics even though am still a novice but I know I can get tips from you on being the best I can be. I come from from a country of world class athletes especially in marathons. These guys and gals really train hard and true to the saying “no pain no gain!

    I enjoy seeing the dedication they put in to achieve their goals of becoming world championships. True to your words you require motivation and passion to be the best.


    1. Hi Oska , you got it right Motivation and passion is the key for every athletics . if you want any advise anytime please contact me . the first tip i would give you that don’t lose your passion because some athletic start get involved into sports and few weeks later they lose the passion and think ,it’s easier to quite .
      Set a goal and keep remind yourself with it all the time when you have down moments 


  2. Hello, great article with good information.
    I like the use of your images as well. I am amazed and wonder what motivates the athletes to keep going. I know their goal is to win and I wish I had a small fraction of their dedication to my health.

  3. Great post Ahmed very true I agree with exercising smarter not harder. So yeah I like the idea that we should set short goals to follow so we can follow through.

    1. Thanks Kelyee for your comment , i believe we should working smarter not harder not only on sports but also in everything else .


  4. Hi Ahmed, I have a friend that very passionate for both badminton and basketball. It’s interesting because he have two equal sport passion, but he’s still confused which one to pursue as a pro athlete.

    Do you have any suggestion about what should he consider to choose one?

    1. Hi Alexander , actually i wrote article about that point ( how to choose your sport )
      I would suggest couple of points might help out ,
      1st Make a list of pros and cons for each option
      2nd Decide which sport he skilled more at it
      3rd find out what is right for him rather than what is right for others
      Hopefully that would help him decide which sport is better for him


  5. Great stuff! I like your five steps to be a great athlete. Most of the time I like to compare sports to life and life to sports because the rules and the laws of both are the same. Everything I do I have a mindset of an athlete because I grew up through sports. How much you give in sport you will get back, the same stands for life. Once again, great article. Thank you.

    1. Thanks Ivan for your feedback , totally agree life and sport is the same, if you apply the same steps in sports to everything in live you will have great success

  6. You right on with the don’t over do it and train smart. I know myself when in the younger years I would over do it. This led to being over tired and my performance declined. When you train smart, you get better without the feeling of being exhausted all the time.

  7. I found this article really informative, I’m not a sporty person but I watch altheles and I am always amazed by what they do and how they keep going, especially during something like the Olympics.

  8. These are great tips. I was an athlete in my younger years and need to get back to competing at some point to motivate me. I think when we aren’t competing, it can be difficult to set fitness goals.

  9. As a former athlete myself, these are excellent tips! Especially the “not overdoing it” part. I got myself wrapped up in doing too much and i ended up burning out fast.

  10. Hey, Aly!

    This is some great advice! The best thing, however, is that this applies to absolutely everything, not just sports. If one wants to get great at anything, one must commit to these five. Absolutely commit. All out commit.

    In my opinion one incredibly important addition would to keep and practice the growth mindset. This idea and notion that you can be absolutely anything as long as you put the effort into it.

    Nonetheless, it’s always awesome to be reminded of what it takes to great. So thank you, Aly!
    I truly appreciate it!

    Cheers and have a Great One!

    1. Hey Matiss,
      I’m glad you liked my article and im totally agree commitment either at sports on at anything in life will make you reach the goal you want.

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