5 keys : How to select your sport ?

1- Have passion for the sport

Athletes with passion and purpose love being engaged in all aspects of their training. of course, they may come plain under the hot sun workout,but in the big picture they appreciate all the hard work that goes into excelling in their sport.

To be clear having passion and purpose does not imply an athlete will love every moment of training, but instead suggests that he has the heart and motivation to push through the tough times.

And every athlete know without passion there won’t be able to keep going on, As it’s long term relation with your sport and you will need to create new motivations.

2- Select Role Model

Your choice of role models will affect how you think and feel, A role model that you know can help you to mature and grow as a person.

They can give guidance and advice how to improve your good habits and how to identify your bad habits.

When you choose a good role model, you take control over the type of person you will become.


3- Practice Hard and Learn New Skills

No-one is born talented at anything We need to practice and learn everything,No-one has ever become talented at anything without first being a novice, and developing their skills over time, often to the exclusion of many other pursuits.

You need to be focused. If you’re not paying attention to your performance, your practice is mostly wasted. In other words, you can practice in a single session only for as long as you can stay focused.

Once you mastered the skill you been learning don’t stop and learn new skill because learning will never stop and keep improve yourself all the time.

4- Never Give Up

Remember a lot of the athletes been told they are not good enough for that sport,but they did not give up .

In sports, as in life, there will be times when individuals slip, fall, tumble or bad things happen to them. When presented with the opportunity to give up or to dig deep and persevere giving up will appear to be the easiest option

There may be difficult times in sports,  where it might be tempting to toss in the towel. But by sticking with it, you can win at several levels

5- Always Have Fun

Never forget your started this sport because you love it, sometimes competitive environment can be stressful but when athletes are having fun and truly enjoying sports, practices and competition.they are much more likely to be successful or win.

If sports are not fun and are stressful for athletes, they will be less likely to engage in practice and feel confident in competition. Winning flows from enjoyment,confidence and focus.

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9 thoughts on “5 keys : How to select your sport ?

  1. I will share this with my nephew as I loved playing sports and still do ! I like idea of picking a role model to get you fired up and inspired about the sport. Practice! Practice! It’s a huge part of life and it teaches you discipline and skills for life. Good article!

    1. Thank you Noell , I believe sports is more than just physicality, it helps everyone to build there personality.

  2. Fantastic article. I had found my passion at a very young age growing up in New England I gravitated to ice hockey and at 50 still play all the time. You said one very important thing and I still tell the kids I coach it’s about having fun. Sports in a child’s life is important the one big thing it teaches them is teamwork.
    Thank you for the great article,

  3. Ahmed, great article here about getting into sports! Everything that you said is 100% true and this is an article that should be read by anyone not only interested in sports, but for those choosing profesions as well. Thanks.

  4. Hi Ahmed,

    Great article man! I remember the first time I took a basketball in my hands and tried to shoot. I was short for half of the distance 🙂 However, I never gave up, and in a few years, I managed to be able to dunk the ball. The most natural thing is to give up when you can’t do something. Sadly, most people will do that. Your article gives a fantastic perspective into a mind of an athlete. I like the part about role models, that’s so powerful. If there was no Michael Jordan, or I never saw him play, I would never develop my skills as I did.

    Thank you for this read.
    All the best.

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